Protect Yourself, Protect a Nation.

Manufactured according to W.H.O. Standard

Hygiene and sanitation have always been important principles, but now more than ever it is crucial. NO GERM is a non-aerosol, fragrance free disinfectant hand sanitiser to help prevent the spread of germs and transmission of viruses. NO GERM contains:
·     70% alcohol
·     Hydrogen Peroxide
·     Glycerine
It is instant, convenient, rinse free and leaves no sticky residue on your hands.  Our safety and the safety of others is in our hands- by properly sanitising, we can save lives.


WHY NoGerm? 


  • Our Hand Sanitiser contains 99.9% pure Propyl Alcohol containing NO contaminants
  • Clear Liquid with NO sticky residue
  • Rinse Free
  • Maximum strength formulated according to W.H.O Guidelines
  • Hydrogen Peroxide kills spores for compete protection
  • Added Glycerine to moisturise your hands
  • Spray and Flip top dispensers available
  • Flowbins, 25L and 5L containers available for bulk orders
  • Proudly manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility in South Africa
Doctor Approved

Trusted by Doctors, Patients and Brands around the Country.

We are committed to providing you with superior quality hand sanitiser. Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility under strict international quality standards, we only us 99.9% pure  Propyl Alcohol as the base ingredient for our sanitiser.