Protect Yourself, Protect a Nation.

Manufactured according to W.H.O. Standard

Hygiene and sanitation have always been important principles, but now more than ever it is crucial. NO GERM now sells the everything you need to keep yourself safe, sanitized and secure:
·     Nitrile disposable gloves
·     Protective Masks
·     Infra-Red Digital Thermometers

Our safety and the safety of others is in our hands- by properly sanitising taking the right precautions and following the guildlines set out for us, we can save lives.


Doctor Approved

Trusted by Doctors, Patients and Brands around the Country.

We are committed to providing you with superior quality hand sanitiser. Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility under strict international quality standards, we only us 99.9% pure  Propyl Alcohol as the base ingredient for our sanitiser.